When internet was young

And music was MIDI, MP3 and duct tape

I want it to be useful

When I composed MIDI music back in the 90:s it found its way into various kinds of applications. I shared the MIDI (the "source code") as well as some recordings in MP3 format. I created this site when I found out that my music is still used out there. 

I want it to be free

Free Music means that any individual has the freedom of copying, distributing, and modifying music for personal, non-commercial purposes. The word "free" does not refer to price. If you make money from a derivative of my music then you deserve it. I would love to know about it first, though. And I want my contribution to be known, just like yours and everyone in between. I hence use Creative Commons BY-SA license model.

I grant you the freedom to use the music for any purpose, modify it to suit your needs, add a note of your contributions and share it with anyone, given that the same happens downstream.

Can anyone compose music?

I had no training and no previous experience of music making, besides fooling around with pals in a band just long enough to acquire Tinnitus. I started composing simply to dodge my Computer Science studies. Of all art forms I tried out, MIDI composing was the most effortless for me. I kept churning out songs until all exams were done. My equipment has collected dust since but perhaps I can help you get started instead?