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Where are all the old songs?

Below some trivia about my songs from the 90s. See Downloads page for the actual files. I also have songs on Spotify, Apple Music and the usual commercial sites as well as some samples, that do not fit anywhere else, on YouTube. But most of the songs remain on old hard drives. Before uploading a song I want to ensure GM compatibility for the MIDI version. And to be honest, not all songs have stood the test of time and will probably never make it. If you remember a particular song and want to influence what I upload next, head to Contact me

A note (pun unintended) on MIDI playback

The possibilities of reliable playback of MIDI from a web page are so-so. Try Chrome (there is an extension also). Remember that MIDI is source code, not audio. See Get started page.

Title Ver Year Trivia MIDI MP3
Winternight 2 1997 One of own favorites. Coincides with being among the least (!) liked songs in a web poll I did back then. But of course, people would not know about the emotional turmoil I was experiencing when composing this song... Y Y
Cat chasing Dog 1 1997 I did not know how to flirt, so I composed a song for her instead. Been married to that girl since Y Y
Lady Moiraine 1 1997 A favorite among many fans back then (not mine). Also probably one of the most played songs in radio in Sweden that year, even if not many people heard it (It was going on repeat night time in the student radio in Linköping when there was no other broadcasting :) Y Y
Egwene - The Amyrillin 2 1997 I remember I had an exam I really needed to study for... so I composed this song instead. Y Y
Min - In the lap of the Dragon 1 1997 One of my first songs. I think it was played on the student radio in between programs... Y Y
Min - In the lap of the Dragon 24 1999 Symphony version - Quite different from original Y Y
Age of Legends 2 1996 Also known as "Demonhunter" in Roblox Y Y
The Green Man - Last Act of the Nym 2 1998 I remember borrowing a real synth from a fellow student. A Roland something. It was AWESOME. Had to compose something... The song is also known as "Tink" in Roblox. Had also an alternate name of "Missing you!" at some point Y Y

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